Soft Skill Training

We have rendered our services to multiple organizations, to enhance their technical knowledge, and to increase employees’ throughput. The Training package is on development, deployment, support, maintenance solutions and consulting. Further to it Training is provided across programming, databases, software testing, business tools, messaging and collaboration tools, operating systems, networking, security, virtualization and niche technologies.

The venture is not just technical but extended to communication and life skills as well.

From The Campus to the Corporate, Is this an easy move? Do we have the skill sets for this transformation?

These are a few questions that we tend to ask ourselves when we enter the corporate world.

Our culture has never given us the exposure that is required for our survival in this fast moving environment. The solution to this is Soft skills that boost our behaviour socially.

Why Soft Skills?

When Businesses go Global, Soft Skills gain prominence.

Training on Soft skills tunes the personal traits, communication, habits, inter and intra personal skills, to be a good Team Manager and a Leader, presenting to the World as a Confident person.

Mazenet has identified these and has solution to march ahead and beyond from the Campus to Corporate.

Creativity is when people create innovative theories, technologies or ideas. Skill borne techniques and self-expressions are Artistic creativity. With these approaches of creativity, Training is rendered based on the client requirement providing effective, interactive sessions with audio visual methodology. Practice makes one Perfect.